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Administrative Team

Rev. Fr. Dr. Rudolph Raj Pinto, OCD

Rev. Fr. Ligoury Crasta, OCD Administrator

Rev. Fr. Jeevan Tauro, OCD

Rev. Fr. John Lobo, OCD

News and Events

Classes on "Mass Media and it's challenges" were held in Ryshivana. Resource person was Fr Joseph Cyril D Souza OCD, who taught the practical techniques of using media for the ministry.

A course on Women Mysticism was held at Ryshivana. The resource person was Rev Dr Fr Oswald Crasta, Rector Pushpashrama Philosophy College, Mysore.

Diocesan priests from Ajmer, Rajasthan did their annual retreat @ Ryshivana. Fr Rudolph Pinto, the Director guided their spiritual journey for a week.

A week's course on Jesus the Sadguru- Christological Investigations by Fr. Albert OFM Cap.

"Johannine Spirituality", a Biblical course was held in Ryshivana. The resource person was Rev Dr Richard D'Souza OCD, Professor of Scripture in Teresianum Pontifical University, Rome.

A course on "The Holy Church: Mater et Magistra" was held in Ryshivana. Fr Dr Rathan Almeida OCD was the resource person.

Course on Mariology was held in Ryshivana by Rev Fr Lancy Lewis OCD.

"Prophetic Spirituality" input sessions was given by Fr. Antony Pinto, the Professor from St. Joseph's Seminary Jeppu, Mangalore.

Course on "Prophetic Vocation of Religious" was held at Ryshivana. Fr Dominic Vas OCD was the resource person.

Renewal retreat was held in Ryshivana, guided by Rev Fr. Rudolph Pinto. Both lay and religious people participated and who had a great spiritual experience.

A week's course on the "Spirituality of Beatitudes" was organized at Ryshivana, Institute of Spirituality. Rev Dr Fr Sunil Ranjar S.J, a well-known professor in Biblicum College, Rome gave inspiring inputs.

Inauguration of the Spirituality course was done at Ryshivana through the Concelebrated Mass presided over by Rev Fr Silvestre D Souza, Provincial Superior, Karnataka-Goa Province; Homily preached by Rev Fr Augustine Mulloor, Provincial Superior of Manjummel Province and concelebrated by many priests.

Formation course was held at Ryshivana for the formators of the Province

Bursars’ meet @ Ryshivavana, Mangalore

Workshop and input sessions for Superiors held in Ryshivana

Retreat for Jesus Youth was held in Ryshivana from 28th to 30th August.

1 Week Inner Healing Retreat by Fr. Alwyn Sequeira OCD

Summer Course on Group Therapy by Fr. Ronald D'Souza and Sr. Valsa

1 week Retreat

Summer course on Healing the Inner child by Sr. Mary Lynn SAL

One Month Retreat for the Holy Cross Brothers in preparation for the Final Profession

1 Week Spiritual Renewal Retreat by Fr. Lancy Mendonca OCD

Convocation Ceremony at Ryshivana
Fifteenth Convocation ceremony was held at Ryshivana on 13 March at 6.00 pm. Fr Charles Serrao, Rector of the Infant Jesus Shrine offered the Holy Eucharist and delivered a meaningful homily. Fr Deep Fernandes, the Chief guest of the day, released the souvenir. 25 Sisters received the certificates. Fr Archibald Gonsalves, the Director presented the convocation Address. Sr Sugandhi thanked one and all. Several priests and nuns witnessed the event.

A visit to Ryshivana by Sr. Jees Provincial and Sr. Suma Provincial Councilor DPMT

1 week Retreat

Summer course on Contemplative spirituality by Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues

Summer course on Dynamics of Discipleship by Fr. Joe Tauro

Missionaries of the Precious Blood Father's Retreat of Batch II was held in Ryshivana

1 week Retreat

Missionaries of the Precious Blood Father's retreat of Batch I was held at Ryshivana

I week Carmelite Contemplative Retreat by Fr. Marlon Rodrigues ocd

Class on Contemplative prayer and Mysticism by Fr. Regan D'Souza

Class on contemporary saints in Carmel by Fr. Silvestre D'Souza

Missionary Families of Christ (MFC) had two days spiritual renewal programme @ Ryshivana.

Class on Doctrine of St. John of the cross by Fr. Gregory D'Souza OCD

Class on Life and Times of Sts. Teresa and John of the cross by Fr. Dr. Wilfred Rodrigues OCD

Class on In depth Study of the Interior Castle by Fr. Deep Fernandes

Class on BIblical Heritage of Carmel by Fr. Joe Tauro

Class on Carmel in the page of History by Br. John Marshal

1 week Retreat

2-3 days prayer experience

Ryshivana - An Institute for Inner Silence and Contemplation celebrates Annual Day
Ranipura, Nov 23 : Ryshivana An Institute for Inner Silence and Contemplation located in Ranipura run by the Carmelite Fathers, celebrated its annual Day on 22 November 2022. This event coincided with the Plenary Assembly of the Karnataka Goa Province of the Carmelite Fathers. The Solemn Euchrist was celebrated in the morning at 7.00 by Very Rev Fr George Santhumayor, the Provincial. Fr John Sequeira preached a touching Homily. The participants of the Annual Certificate Course conducted a very meaningful liturgy.

In the evening, at 7.00, there was a stage program, where the former Directors of Ryshivana, Mr VL Rego then Pioneer, Fr Gregory D'Souza (who is the Founder), Fr John Sequeira, Fr Pius James, Fr Alfred Menezes and the present Director Fr Archibald Gonsalves were felicitated by the Provincial and the Councillors. Fr Wilfred Rodrigues presented a beautiful profile of each one of them. The event was further solemnized by the Silver jubilee of Fr Lancy Mendoca and the birthday of Fr Joe Tauro. The participants staged a colourful program that included, Qawali, songs, dance and a skit on Mirroring Christ.

The Director Fr Archie thanked one and all for their continued support and congratulated the participants of the 15th batch of Spiritual Renewal Course that includes both priests and Nuns. Hundreds of priests, nuns and lay people flock to Ryshivana for a God experience. Thanks to Fr John Lobo, the gardens of Ryshivana are a rare sight to behold. St. Mariam Baouardy the Patron of Ryshivana intercedes for all those coming to Ryshivana for a spiritual experience. Anyone desiring peace and harmony can come and enjoy the serene atmosphere, Carmelite hospitality and the rich prayer experience.

1 week Retreat

Class on Mariology by Fr. Peter Mascarenhas

Class on Spiritual wealth of the Psalms by Fr. Raymond Raj

Class on Community Life and Ongoing Formation by Fr. Charles Serrao ocd

1 week Retreat

Class on Mystery of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit by Fr. John Sequreira ocd

Class on Prophetic Spirituality by Fr. Joe Tauro ocd

One day Recollection for the Laity

Class on Mysticism by Fr. Regan D'Souza ocd

1 week Retreat

Class on Emotional Maturity by Fr. Praveen D'Souza ocd

1 week Retreat

Class on Jesus the Sadguru by Fr Lewis Ofm Cap

Class on Spiritual Discernment by Fr Prashanth D'Souza Sj

Class on Biblical Discipleship by Fr. Jossie Lobo, Sj

Retreat in the month of October

Class on Book of Revelation by Fr. Milton

1 Week Retreat

Class on Spirituality of the modern Saints by Fr. Deep Fernandes ocd

Class on Johannine Spirituality and the role of women in John's Gospel by Fr. Richard D'Souza

1 Week Retreat

1 Week Retreat

Class on Psycho-Spiritual Integration by Sr. Juliana Pinto UFC

Class on Joy of Consecrated by Fr. Archibald Gonsalves ocd

1 Week Retreat

Class on Spirituality of the Beatitudes by Fr. Sunil Ranjar, SJ

Class on Liturgical Spirituality by Fr. Rudolf Pinto Ocd

75th Independence Day celebration

Inauguration of the 15th Batch of the Spiritual Renewal Programme

Class on Schools of Spirituality by Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues Ocd

Class on Fundamentals of Contemplative Prayer by Fr. Jeevan Tauro ocd

1 Week Retreat

OCDS of Ryshivana begin Initial Formation
On June 15, 2022 twelve Secular Carmelite Aspirants of St. John of Cross community of Ryshivana, Ranipura entered into the Initial Formation I (novitiate). After sufficient instruction and preparation like the 12 disciples they were officially received by their Spiritual Assistant Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues OCD during a short but meaningful Vestition Ceremony. The entire community of Ryshivana Friars was present supporting them through their prayers. At the end of the ceremony, Mrs. Gloria OCDS expressed her joy and gratefulness on behalf of all the 12 of them.

Mount Carmel Feast @ Ryshivana
The Feast of our Lady of Mount Carmel was solemnized at Ryshivana Ranipura on July 16, 2022 at 6.00 pm, for the first time in its 16 year history. Around 225 were present including priests, religious and laity. Fr. Archibald Gonsalves OCD the Superior and Director presided over the Mass at which Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues OCD preached the homily explaining the origin of the Carmelite Order and the devotion to our Lady of Mount Carmel as well as the growth and historical development of the same and the Scapular Devotion.  The OCDS community took an active part in the arrangements as well as in the Liturgy. While refreshments were served to all, around 150 invitees joined us for the dinner. Everyone had a word of appreciation for the wonderful organization, though for the first time.

1 Week Retreat

3 Days Retreat for Jesus Youth

1 Week Retreat

1 Week Retreat

Swami Natarajanand of Ramakrishna mission from Varanasi visited Ryshivana

12 AC Novices with their mistress for a Day of Recollection @ Ryshivana on 4-6-2022.

I Week Retreat for the diocesan brothers of Jeppu Seminary

I Week Retreat

I Week Retreat for the Carmelite Theology Brothers

Summer Course on Biblical Discipleship by Fr. Tauro ocd

1 Week Retreat

I Week Course on Contemplative Prayer and Retreat

Laity contemplative retreat conducted by Fr Wilfred Rodrigues from March 25 to 27th.

1week retreat of FMM Provincial, council members, Superior and formator of Chennai Province

1 Week Retreat

Convocation 2021-22

Superior General Rev.Sr.Berna Rodrigues SFN and sisters of Congregation of the Holy Family of Nazareth Sancoale - Goa visited Ryshivana

1 Week Retreat

1 Week Retreat

1 Week Retreat

Sodality Retreat

Lenten recollection for the youth from Bendor Parish

Jesus Youth Leaders Training programme and retreat

1 Week Retreat

Retreat for St. Aloysius College

Class on Evangelisation and Mission by Fr. Silvestre D'Souza OCD

Class on Parables in the Gospel by Fr. Nelson Cardoza Ocd

1 Week Retreat

1 Week Retreat

3 Weeks Retreat in preparation for the Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession

I Week Retreat

Class on Ageing Gracefully by Dr. Laveena Noronha

Class on Spiritual wealth of the Psalms by Sr. Preema Quadros

Class on Pauline Spirituality by Fr. George Santhumayor OCD

Class on Biblical wisdom literature by Fr. Milton

1 Week Retreat

Class on Joy of Inter-Personal Communion by Fr. John Sequeira, OCD

Golden Jubilarian : 1 Month Retreat

Class on Spiritual Discernment by Mr. Don D'Souza

1 Week Retreat

Visit by our PUC Brothers

Class on Introduction to the O.T by Fr. Joe Tauro Ocd

1 Week Retreat

Sr. Wilma Rebello, Provincial Superior, Congregation of Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo. ( S.C.B)visited Ryshivana !

Class on Worship and Christian Spirituality by Fr. Rudolf Raj Pinto Ocd

1 Week Retreat

1 Week Retreat

1 & 2 weeks retreat

Class by Fr. Praveen D'Souza Ocd on Emotional Maturity

1 Week Retreat

Class on Joy of Consecrated Life by Fr. Archibald Gonsalves Ocd

1 Week Retreat

Class on Mariology by Fr. Peter Mascarenhas

Deanery Priests Recollection

Class on Prophetic Spirituality by Fr. Benjamin

Class on Schools of Spirituality by Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues ocd

Class on Psycho-Spiritual-Sexual Intergration in preparation for the silver jubilee for Sisters of Tarbes by Fr. Alwyn Sequeira ocd

Class on The Spirituality of community Life by Fr.Charles Serrao OCD

AC Tertians for a days recollection at Ryshivana

At Ryshivana Spirituality Institute for Inner silence and contemplation, the annual Certificate course in Spirituality was solemnly inaugurated on Saturday, 7 August 2021, by Rev. Fr. Pius James D’Souza, the Provincial of the Karnataka Goa Province, by lighting the lamp. This year there are altogether 24 participants from various congregations. Besides, there are retreatants who frequent the institute for spiritual nourishment.

Laity contemplative retreat conducted by Fr Wilfred Rodrigues, from 19 -21, March 2021. 56 members from 22 parishes took part. It was a great success.

On Sunday, 21 March 2021, 150 Society of Vincent D'Paul members from Permannoor Deanery gathered at Ryshivana for their annual recollection. Recollection talk and mass celebrated by Fr Archibald Gonsalves, the Director. Adoration conducted by Fr John Lobo.

1 Week Retreat for the SMI and Cluny sisters

Eight days retreat guided by Fr Lancy Mendonca ended on 18 February 2021. The participants were Superiors of the Helpers of Mary congregation and a Bethany nun.

This year, at Ryshivana, on account of the Pandemic-Covid 19, we decided to celebrate it with a difference. First we visited about 25 Hindu neighbours with cake and kuswar. Then visited convents, parishes and institutions.

On 13 and 14 of December, the batch mates of Fr. Archie, namely, Msgr. Maxim Noronha, the VG of the diocese, Fr. Benjamine Pinto, Fr. Assisi Rebello, Fr. Peter Aranha and Fr. Walter Mendonca had a get together. Msgr Maxim was felicitated during the feast of St. John of the Cross. All dispersed after breakfast on 14th.

Long term retreats guided by Fr Lancy and Fr Alvito in November.

Retreat group of the first week of November 2020, guided by Fr Archie.

8 days retreat attended by the Bethany and AC sisters. (Oct 25-31) Fr Lancy Mendonca guided 8 sisters in retreat.

The Dominican Juniors attending classes at Ryshivana in 2020.

The Bethany candidates and Juniors of the Northern Province residing at Nantoor, visited Ryshivana on 30 Oct 2020.

Fr Archibald Gonsalves was welcomed on 5th Sept 2020.
Fr Archibald Gonsalves was welcomed on 5th Sept 2020. On Sunday, 6th Sept at 7.00 am a community mass was celebrated. There after, there was the installation of the new community at a formal meeting. Fr Alfred Menezes, the out going Superior was thanked for his dedicated service. The other members are, Fr Alvito Fernandes, Fr Wilfred Rodrigues, Fr Lancy Mendoca, Fr John Lobo.

Ryshivana, 17 March 2020: The eight months certificate course was successfully completed on 17 March 2020 with the Solemn Eucharistic celebration. Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao, OCD, the Provincial of the Discalced Carmelites of Karnataka-Goa Province presided over the celebration. After the thanksgiving holy Mass, a brief valedictory ceremony of conferring the certificates was held. Fr. Alfred Menezes, the Director presented a brief report of the academic year 2019-2020 after which Fr. Provincial handed over the certificates to all the participants who completed the renewal programme successfully. Fr. Joseph D’Souza proposed the vote of thanks to everyone who made this event colourful and meaningful. Every participant of either long term or short term renewal programme did express that Ryshivana is indeed a centre for inner silence and contemplation.

Ryshivana, 14 March 2020: The eight months renewal programme ended with a two weeks contemplative retreat preached by Fr. Alvito Fernandes from 1-14 of this month. Along with our course participants there were other forty seven religious women, priests and lay people who attended this retreat. The entire centre with eighty members witnessed profound solitude during these days of contemplation. There was ample time for every retreatant to invest at the feet of the Eucharistic Lord in contemplative prayer. Many expressed their appreciation for this Teresian contemplative retreat presented by Fr. Alvito with his personal experience of the spiritual journey. The gorgeous beauty made everyone feel so relaxed on the soothing lap of Mother Nature.

Ryshivana, 08 March 2020: All the members of St. Vincent de Paul association of the South Deanery of St. Joseph Vaz, spent half a day in praise and worship, input session on the Word of God and the Holy Eucharist. Rev. Fr. Maxim, the professor from St. Joseph’s seminary, Mangalore shared his reflections on being a disciple of Jesus by being people of love and service. He also led the holy hour and celebrated the Eucharist. As many as 130 members participated in it and benefitted spiritually from this short and sweet spiritual renewal session. They also got refreshed with the ecstatic beauty of nature at Ryshivana. The programme ended with the lunch.

Ryshivana, 29 Feb 2020: The participants of the eight months renewal programme had a wonderful cultural evening with various inspiring one-act plays and other meaningful, sweet but short items. The rich experience of living together as one community, the erudite lectures on various topics, the prayer experience of the intimacy with God and vibrant moments of entertainment in these eight months were all encapsulated through the enacting. The culminating point was the beautiful presentation of the interior castle of St. Teresa of Avila. Although they would depart on 17 of March after the convocation, it was considered fitting to celebrate our togetherness before the contemplative retreat from 1-14 March which would enable the sisters to focus better in the retreat.

Ryshivana, 28 Feb 2020: One month contemplative retreat was organized in the month of January 2020, preached by Rev. Fr. Alvito Fernandes. There were 45 members for the first week and the second week, and 22 participants remained for the entire month. The renewal programme participants and the retreatants kept the centre full for whole month of January. In the month of November Carmelite friars of Karnataka-Goa province did their annual retreat in Ryshivana. There was a group of golden Jubilarians who belonged to UFS of Mangalore province for four days seminar cum reflection on contemplative journey led by Fr. Alfred J. Menezes. There were also a small group for the retreat preached by Fr. Joseph D’Souza.

Ryshivana, 27 January 2020: It was the birthday celebration of Fr. Alfred J. Menezes, the Director of Ryshivana. The participants of the renewal programme put up a fabulous cultural programme in appreciation of all the service rendered by the director. It was really amazing to see the vibrant energy, the enthusiasm and the creative ways in our sisters who performed elegantly on the stage. It was an exhibition of their talents in action. Dr. Laveena Noronha the professor of the week, Rev. Fr. Raymond Santanaz, our missionary from Tanzania, and Sr. Joyet Fernandes HMR, who had made her final profession on 2 January, was felicitated at the celebration. It was a great opportunity to pool all the talents for building community at Ryshivana.

Ryshivana, 20 Oct 2019: Rt. Rev. Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha, the bishop of the diocese of Mangalore made his pastoral visitation to our Parish, Mary the Queen of the Universe church, Ranipura. The Parishioners welcomed him with grandeur into the church premises in the morning. During the Holy Eucharist he administered the sacrament of Confirmation to the suitable candidates. Since it was his first maiden visit to our parish after his Episcopal Ordination, he met all the associations and heads of various groups. As part of his visitation protocol of paying a fraternal visit to religious institutes, he came to Ryshivana along with Fr. Santhosh the Parish priest and Deacon William and addressed our participants and gave his apostolic blessing. The participants appreciated this memorable meeting with our loving Bishop.

Ryshivana: 30 September 2019: One month contemplative retreat was organized in the month of September. Priests, religious sisters and a few lay persons participated in this retreat. There were also participants for two weeks contemplative retreat. This retreat was preached by Fr. Alvito Fernandes leading them all into deeper intimacy with the Lord. Besides these, there were also weekly retreats preached by Fr. Joseph D’Souza and Fr. Alfred Menezes. It is encouraging to see these retreatants investing a lot of time at the feet of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

Ryshivana, 21 Sept 2019: All study, prayer, reflection and no outing makes one dull. A day for Mangaluru sightseeing was organized on Saturday the 21st of September. All the participants of the long term renewal programme went to St. Joseph’s Shrine, Mudipu, Nisargadham park at Pilicula, Vamanjoor, the Cisterna Chapel of Rome in Aloysius college, the Infant Jesus Shrine at Bikarnakatte and the New Mangalore Port beach in Panambur. The regional science center and the planetarium with the Space age programme were the special attraction of the day. The beautiful and pleasant weather along with the picnic mood in the sisters gave us the pleasant experience of knowing a little more of the city of Mangaluru.

Ryshivana, 08 Sept 2019: The feast of the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary which is called ‘Monthi Fest’ in Mangalore among Christians was celebrated with solemnity. All the parishioners gathered on the terrace of Ryshivana for blessing of the new corn and showering of flowers to Mother Mary as a sign of love and devotion. Fr. Santhosh D’Souza the Parish Priest and Fr. Joseph D’Souza OCD blessed the corn and proceeded towards the Church in procession for the solemn celebration of the Eucharist in which the participants of Ryshivana also joined in. It was a community day celebration for Ryshivana with a variety of liturgical and cultural stuff by singing and performing the traditional onam dance. ‘Banana leaf’ lunch with multiple vegetable delicacies was the culmination of the celebration. It was a wonderful day for all in Ryshivana to experience unity and fraternity in the diversity of 25 congregations.

Ryshivana, 15 Aug 2019: As the entire nation celebrated the 73rd Independence day, the participants of Ryshivana also paid their homage to our National flag. As Sr. Solly Jacob SMI compeered the entire programme, Sr. Benedicta UFS delivered the speech in which she invited everyone to work hand in hand to build a nation of peace, justice, equality and fraternity among all people of diverse faith and culture. Fr. Alfred J. Menezes the president of the programme hoisted the flag. Although red alert was warned by meteorological department of possible heavy rains and wind, the favourable weather made the flag fly high in the cloudy yet gorgeous sky of Ryshivana over seeing the Netravati river and the Arabian sea. They were proud moments for us to celebrate our Independence day with sobriety and peace.

Ryshivana, 01 August 2019: All roads led to Ryshivana on 31 July as the new participants for the renewal programme arrived here. After three days of orientation and recollection, the inauguration of the eight months renewal programme was held on Sunday, 4 August at 6.30 pm with the Solemn concelebrated Holy Eucharist. Altogether 46 Participants from 34 Congregations were present for long and short term renewal programme. Rev. Fr. George Santhumayor OCD the former Asst. Provincial presided over the Eucharist and in his homily emphasized on the need of the experience of God in our religious life more than being content with our ministry and apostolate. Carmelite Priests from our neighbouring community and the presence of the religious sisters from our neighbourhood added joy to the celebration. Fr. Alfred J. Menezes the Director, appreciated and thanked all for their gracious presence and the course participants for preparing a meaning liturgy.

Ryshivana, 26 June 2019: The somatic-psycho-spiritual integration programme for three weeks was held at ryshivana from 06 to 26 June. The fourth year theology brothers from the Seminary of Allahabad, along with other religious women, three of whom were from Bangladesh attended this programme. The topic “theology of the body” was handled by Fr. Joseph D’souza, while the mind integration was taken by Fr. Praveen D’Souza, and Fr. Alfred J. Menezes emphasized on the integration of the spirit with mystical union. Along with this programme there were also retreats preached in the centre. It was encouraging to have almost 55 participants both for retreat and programme. The cooled down weather with the pre-monsoon showers, the lushy green surroundings with the Arabian and Netravati river view, and the deep solitude gave an unique experience of God’s presence to the participants.

May house full
Ryshivana, 31 May 2019: Relax and contemplate on the lap of Mother Nature. Fascinated by the scenic beauty many priests, sisters, seminarians and lay people inundated the centre either for one month retreat, a month’s renewal programme or for a week’s retreat. The first two weeks of the month of May accommodated 85 participants and the following two weeks had 65 participants for various courses and retreats. The one month contemplative retreat was preached by Fr. Alvito Fernandes. The renewal programme had courses such as Psycho spiritual maturity by Fr. Alwyn Sequeira, Mysticism and religious life by Fr. Alfred Menezes, Spirituality of communion by Fr. Joy Francis and ending with a retreat preached by Fr. Joseph D’Souza. Besides Fr. Terence Farias SJ was leading an Ignatian one month retreat for Pune Ursuline tertians. Being true to the Carmelite Charism the centre is really promoting Teresian Contemplation to all. It is encouraging to see that many are realizing the need for deep communion with God and thereby a conversion of life.

Summer Deluge
Ryshivana, 30 April 2019: There has been an over whelming response to the summer programme in the month of April at Ryshivana. The centre was full with eighty participants of renewal programme for a month, the two weeks contemplative retreat, and weekly retreat. There were brothers who came for the renewal programme as a preparation for their final vows, others were preparing for their silver jubilee and some others wanted a refreshers course. The contemplative retreat that was preached by Fr. Alvito Fernanades was attended by almost fifty religious sisters, brothers, priests and lay people. Fr. Praveen D’Souza, Fr. Alfred J. Menezes, Fr.Alvito Fernandes were the resource persons for one month renewal programme. Fr. Joseph D’Souza occupied yet another retreat group. It was indeed heartening to see that many are seeking a quiet place like Ryshivana for deeper God experience.

Ryshivana, 16 March 2019: The Convocation of the eight months certificate course in Spirituality for Women Religious was held on 16 March 2018 at Ryshivana. Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao, the Provincial Superior of the Discalced Carmelites of Karnataka-Goa Province presided over the Solemn Eucharistic celebration along with the staff Priests of the Centre. The Provincial awarded the Certificates to the participants of three semesters, two and one semester, a total of 55, who had successfully completed their Spiritual renewal course with enthusiasm and rigorous commitment. The Annual magazine with all the activities and celebrations of the year was released by the President. Fr. Alfred J. Menezes OCD, the Director of Ryshivana, read a brief report of the academic year 2018-19. In the evening there was a farewell programme organized by the sisters as they were bidding goodbye to Ryshivana and to each other. It was a memorable day for the institute.

Ryshivana, 10 March 2019: Not only the religious and the priests who frequent to savour the ecstatic beauty of nature in Ryshivana, the laity too desire to spend some hours in the silent place like this one. All the SVP members of the South Deanery spent half a day in worship, reflection on the Word of God, and the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Maxim, the professor from St. Joseph’s seminary, Mangalore shared his reflections on Service and conducted holy hour and celebrated the holy mass. There was full participation of the members around 130 of them who benefitted spiritually from this short and sweet spiritual renewal session.

Rev. Fr. Boniface Barracho OCD Memorial Seminar
Ryshivana, 27 Jan 2019:The annual seminar in memory of Rev. Fr. Boniface Barracho OCD was orgainzed by the institute on the topic “Holiness and Wholeness in Consecrated life” on 27 January 2019. The Key note address was delivered by Sr. Lillis BS, the Assistant Superior General of the congregation of Bethany followed by Fr. Salvadore Fernandes, OFM Cap who dealt with the Scriptural reflection on holiness. After the tea break Rev. Fr. Joe Mathias SJ spoke on the modern challenges to growth in holiness. In the afternoon, Rev. Fr. Gregory D’Souza OCD shed light on contemplation and sanctification. And the final session was given by Most Rev. Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha, the Bishop of Mangalore on the reflections from the Apostolic Exhortation: Gaudete et Exultate.
Fr. Joseph D’Souza compeered the entire programme. There were about 180 participants for the seminar. It was well appreciated by all the participants. They also were enlightened by the sessions shared by the eminent speakers.

CRI Seminar for Superiors
Ryshivana: 04 January 2019: Conference of Religious of India under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Joe Mannath SDB organized a sever day seminar for the superiors of the Southern region from 29 December to 4 of January 2019. “Being a Religious Superior today: the Essentials” was the title of the seminar. It was well attended by 45 religious women who were mostly Superiors. Many resource persons, namely, Sr. Regis SMI, Sr. Priya D’Mello BS, Fr. Dionysius Vas SJ, Fr. Anton Paul and Fr. Joe Mannath animated the sessions on various topics. Handling negative emotions, Canon law for Superiors, Financial management, women in Leadership, Counselling Skills, Celibacy and many other topics were dealt with. The scenic beauty of Ryshivana was an added attraction for the participants of the seminar. The seminar was well appreciated by all the participants.

Ryshivana, 11 Nov 2018: Yet another batch of Sisters of St. Ann of Providence came to taste and experience the incredible love of the Father in the sounding solitude ambience of Ryshivana. Under the guidance and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Fr. Alfred J. Menezes OCD shared a few reflections with the retreatants hoping that they would personally have a deep experience of God’s love. The six days of prayer and reflection made them realize that love can be repaid by love alone by changing our human ways into the ways of God. It was a unique experience for these retreatants here at Ryshivana. There were also other retreats preached by Rev. Fr. Joseph D’Souza OCD and Fr. Alvito in the month of October and November. It is delightful to see many religious priests and nuns and lay people coming to spend time in solitude.

Lovers of God on the lap of Mother Nature
Ryshivana, 21 Oct 2018: The desire to experience the love of God in his beautiful creation brought the Bishop of Shimoga Rt. Rev. Dr. Francis Serrao and his thirty six priests of the Diocese to spend five days in prayer and reflection in Ryshivana from 7 – 13 October 2018. Rev. Fr. Derrick OFMCap was the resource person who helped them with his reflections to deepen their commitment to the Lord in their pastoral service to God’s people. As all who enter this holy and quiet place are led into inner silence and contemplation so also the retreatans maintained deep solitude and enjoyed God’s communication through his gorgeous creation displayed at the merging of Netravati river into Arabian sea.

Mangaluru Darshan
Ryshivana, 29 Sept 2018: All the participants of the spirituality course went for a day’s outing around Mangaluru. St. Joseph’s Vaz shrine at Mudipu, the Science Park and zoo at Pilicula, Vamanjoor, the Infant Jesus Shrine at Bikarnakatte, St. Aloysius College Chapel, and the beach at Someshwar were the places visited. The community at St. Joseph’s Monastery gave a cordial welcome into their dining hall and extended a warm Carmelite fraternity with sharing the meal with us. It was a day of being together and enjoying the Ryshivana spirit of love and sharing. Since for all of them it was the first opportunity to savor the beauty of the South Canara, they all appreciated the history and its culture.

Spiritual Nourishment : Catholic Sabha, Mangalore South Deanery
Ryshivana, 23 September 2018: The Catholic Sabha of Mangalore South Deanery organized a spiritual animation programme for all its members on the 23rd September at Ryshivana. Around ninety members of the Catholic Sabha units from ten parishes of the Mangalore South deanery attended the programme. Fr. Boniface Pinto, the professor at St. Joseph’s seminary was the resource person who shared his reflection on the topic, Service, Sacrifice and Unity which is the motto of the Catholic Sabha organization. Mr. Arun Monthiero the President of the Deanery along with the Secretary Mr Alwyn steered the whole animation.

Monthi Fest and Onam
Ryshivana, 08 September 2018: On the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the faithful from our Parish of Our Lady of the Universal Church, Ranipura, gathered on the terrace of Ryshivana for the blessing of the new corn and showering of flowers to Infant Mary and thereafter proceeded to the parish in procession for the solemn Eucharistic celebration. Rev. Fr. Santhosh, the Parish priest led the ceremony. All the sisters of the spirituality course actively participated in the liturgy of the day with the parishioners. For many it was a witnessing of the South Canara tradition of celebration of Monthi Fest.

Bishop Elect in Ryshivana
Ryshivana, 6 Sept 2018: The Bishop Elect of the Diocese of Mangalore, Most Rev. Dr. Peter Paul Saldanha spent eight days in contemplative retreat in preparation for his Episcopal Ordination scheduled for 15 of September 2018 at the Cathedral grounds, Mangalore. All at Ryshivana were edified by his spirit of prayer and fasting during his retreat days. We had the privilege of felicitating him and wishing him all the very best in his great responsibility of shepherding the diocese. Indeed we all wanted to make the best of the opportunity to pose for a photograph with the new Bishop of Mangalore. It was a big group along with the retreatants.

Contemplative retreats in August
Ryshivana, 31 August 2018: As the centre reopened for the long and short term certificate courses, it also simultaneously commenced to hold retreats every week. The first retreat was preached by Fr. Pius James D’Souza OCD from 5 to 11 August, attended by many religious women from various congregations. Fr. Joseph D’Souza began his journey with the retreatants in the following week. The gorgeous beauty of the Arabic Ocean welcoming the torrents of waters from river Netravati was a scene enough to set the soul in thirst for the Author of beauty. The participants cherished every bit of their experience in Ryshivana.

Independence Day
Ryshivana, 15 August 2018: The Independence day was celebrated with all enthusiasm and patriotic pride at Ryshivana by our dear participants of the Spirituality course. The retreatants also joined to honour the flag. Sr. Rebecca Rodrigues SRA compeered the whole programme and gave a thought provoking speech on our country’s struggle for Independence by our freedom fighters. Sr. Alphonsa Poovakkot SHSP made a prayer for our country. Fr. Alfred J. Menezes the Director, hoisted the flag and Fr. Alvito Fernandes the dean, gave a brief and meaningful message, highlighting the need of freedom from forces within. As the song Ye mere vathan ke logo...was being sung the sisters enacted the scene of mourning over the heroic and sacrificial death of soldiers at the borders.

Inauguration of the new academic year 2018-19
Ryshivana, 1 August 2018: On the 31st of July most of the participants arrived in Ryshivana for the eight month certificate course in spirituality. After giving the right orientation and motivation, a day of recollection was observed. The solemn inauguration of the course was held on the 5th of August at 6.30 pm. Most Rev. Dr. Aloysius Paul D’Souza the Bishop of Mangalore, Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao, OCD the Provincial of KG Province of Discalced Carmelites, Fr. Pius James D’Souza the first Councillor in-charge of spirituality and many other concelebrants participated in the inaugural Holy Eucharist. 43 sisters attending the course made the celebration vibrant and meaningful. Our dear Bishop was felicitated and thanked for the 22 years of his yeomen service to the Diocese and for his special benevolence to the Carmelites in the diocese. The whole celebration was a memorable one. It ended with the agape meal.

Pre-monsoon Special Programme June 2018
Ryshivana June 2018: At the request of Rev. Fr. Ronald Tellis, the Rector of St. Joseph’s seminary, Allahabad, Ryshivana organized a special programme called ‘Body-mind-spirit integration’ from the Christian point of view. It was a three week programme consisting of topics such as theology of the body by Fr. Joseph D’Souza, the psychology of mind management by Fr. Dr. Praveen D’Souza and Integration of body and mind through the Spirit by Fr. Dr. Alfred J. Menezes, the Director of Ryshivana. Since it was not restricted to seminarians alone we had religious priests and nuns attending this course. We also had retreat groups cherishing the pre-monsoon rains along with the spiritual manna at Ryshivana.

Summer Special 2018 May
Ryshivana, 31 May 2018: The month of May, for most religious who are working in schools, is a month that would give them time to breathe and relax. All four weeks of the month witnessed about sixty five to seventy participants. Psycho spiritual maturity by Fr. Arun Lobo, Consecrated life and Mysticism by Fr. Alfred Menezes, Covenantal love in the Bible by Fr. Pius D’Souza and Contemplative retreat by Fr. Alvito Fernandes were the topics for this month. Silver Jubilarians, priests and religious in need of renewal benefitted from these courses. Besides there were also good number of retreatants in the month of May. The Deacons from the Seminary of St. Joseph, Mangalore under the direction of Fr. Henry CSSR also did their retreat in Ryshivana.

Summer Special 2018, April
Ryshivana, 30 April 2018: Come summer Ryshivana gets flooded with Jubilarians, tertians, a month’s, two weeks and weekly contemplative retreatants. It is heartening to see many religious longing for silent moments that would lead them to a genuine contemplative experience of the love of God. Among many participants for a month’s renewal course, we had Montfort and O.Carm brothers preparing for their solemn vows. Frs. Praveen, Pius, Alfred, Alvito, Joseph were the professors and preachers for this month of April. Ryshivana a centre for inner silence and contemplation is indeed a haven for seekers of the love of God.

CONVOCATION : Ryshivana, 17 March 2018
This was the day in which the eight month certificate course, begun on the first of August 2017 was concluded with the Solemn Thanksgiving Eucharist and conferring of certificates to those who completed their course in Spirituality. Very Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao OCD, the Provincial of Karnataka –Goa, presided over the Eucharistic celebration along with the concelebrants from the institute. All those who had successfully attended either eight months or six or three months were given the certificates. The domestic staff, Mrs. Prameela, Ms. Theresa, Ms Bina, Ms. Mina – the Kitchen staff; Mr. Jinu, the maintenance in-charge; Mr. Denis, Mr. Milan the gardeners and Ms. Renita the receptionist were felicitated for their selfless service to the Institute. The participants also bid farewell to one another by a short cultural programme.

Annual Seminar
Ryshivana, 18 Feb 2018:
Rev. Fr. Boniface Barracho OCD memorial seminar was organized in collaboration with the Chair of Christianity at Ryshivana on the theme “New Age movements and Christian Spirituality” on 18 February 2018. It was well attended by religious women, priests and lay people. Rev. Fr. Dr. J. B. Saldhana, the HoD of the department of the Chair of Christianity was the president of the day. The seminar began at 9.15 am with an invocation hymn to the Lord. Fr. Dr. Alfred J. Menezes, the Director of Ryshivana extended a warm welcome to the invitees and guests of honor. Rev. Fr. Joseph D’Souza OCD, gave the key note address. In the first session Rev. Fr. Dr. Gregory D’Souza OCD presented a paper on “New Age phenomenon and Christian Mysticism.”

In solitude with God
Ryshivana, Feb 15, 2018
In the first week of January many lay people, priests and religious women attended one month contemplative retreat preached by Rev. Fr. Alvito Fernandes OCD. Although they expressed their apprehension initially regarding how they are going to spend time in solitude, as the days rolled by, they themselves were surprised at their ability and poise with which they sat at the feet of the Master. Fr. Alfred preached a retreat to another small group of retreatants in the first week of February. We hope and we pray they continue experiencing the immense love of the Father and inspire many to attend these kinds of contemplative retreats.

Participants of Contemplative retreats
Ryshivana, Dec 28, 2017 : The third group of Bethany sisters from the Southern Province came to Ryshivana for a contemplative retreat preached by Fr. Alvito Fernandes in the month of October. All of them, forty in number, without exception, enjoyed this retreat of such great solitude and profound reflections. They expressed their joy of being here at the centre. There were many other groups in the months of November and mid-December who participated in the retreats preached by Fr. Joseph D’Souza and Fr. Alfred Menezes. It was very encouraging to see how each participant was longing to invest time at the feet of the Master- Jesus for longer duration. All leave the portals of Ryshivana with a desire for contemplation – experiencing the love of the Father.

Retreat groups in the Month of September
Ryshivana, Sept 30, 2017: Fr. Joseph D’Souza and Fr. Alvito Fernandes preached contemplative retreats to various groups in the month of September. The tertians of the congregation of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus were lead into deep prayer as a preparation for their final profession by Fr. Joseph. The golden Jubilararians of the congregation of FSMA made a three week retreat under the renowned preacher Fr. Alvito. The laity also participated in a two week growth in prayer retreat by the same preacher. The FCC sisters did a week’s retreat as a preparation for their silver Jubilee which was preached by Fr. Joseph.

Mangaluru Darshan
Ryshivana, Sept 24, 2017: The entire community of sisters along with the residential and domestic staff had a day’s outing. For many sisters it’s their first visit to the city of Mangalore. The shrine of St. Joseph Vaz at Mudipu, St. Aloysius College Chapel, the Pilikula Nisarga Dham, Someshwar beach, the Infant Jesus Shrine at Bikarnatte and many other places of interest were visited. As the weather was cloudy and rainy at times, the picnickers felt very pleasant while walking around. It was a memorable day for all. Every one experienced a feeling of fraternity and unity. They thanked the Ryshivana staff for arranging this outing.

Ryshivana, Sept 9, 2017: The long and short term course participants celebrated the community day at Ryshivana on Sunday, 9 September. The traditional Monti fest was fused with traditional Onam dance performed by the sisters. The varieties of delicious vegetable dishes along with other mouth watering delicacies were served at table thanks to the expert chefs at Ryshivana kitchen. It was indeed a feast of unity and fraternity.

Ryshivana, Sept 8: The feast of Monti Fest was celebrated with solemnity at the parish of Our Lady-the Universal Queen, Ranipura. Fr. Santhosh, the parish priest blessed the new corn and the showering of flowers took place at Ryshivana grounds after which the statue infant Mary was taken in procession to the Parish Church. Fr. Alfred, the Director of Ryshivana was the main celebrant at the Holy Eucharist. It was a new experience for the course participants of Ryshivana as this Monthi fest is a unique celebration for the Catholics of Canara region of Karnataka.

Contemplative retreat for Bethany sisters of Southern Province
Ryshivana, Sept 1-9: Fr. Alvito Fernandes OCD preached a contemplative retreat for the Bethany sisters of the Southern Province from September 1 to 9. Since all the members of the province would attend this retreat at Ryshivana, fifty five of them made it to the first batch. The course participants with the retreatants made the house full, yet there was such deep silence, no one would ever know it. Ryshivana is indeed a centre for inner silence and Contemplation. We were happy to have Sr. Santhosh Maria, the provincial with us.

Carmelite friars at Ryshivana, August 21-26, 2017
Mangaluru, August 29: All roads from Karnataka, Goa, Maharastra and Gujarat led to Ryshivana as the Carmelite friars of the KG Province gathered here from 21st to 26th of August 2017, for their annual retreat. It was preached by Most Rev. Dr. Ignatius D’Souza, the Bishop of Bareilly. The participants, thirty three of them, were appreciative of the deep insights shared by the preacher on the theme “the prophetic-mystical call of the Carmelites”. The natural scenic beauty of the place helped them to encounter the beauty of God in creation. The presence of so many friars spending lot of time with the Lord and praying for all of us was indeed a great moment.

Retreat groups in the month of August, 2017
Ryshivana, Aug 19: Fr. Alvito Fernandes OCD preached a two weeks contemplative retreat from Aug 6-19. It was attended by women religious, priests and lay persons. It was encouraging to see the participants investing time at the feet of the Lord in contemplative prayer in the serene atmosphere of resounding solitude and silent music. Fr. Joseph D’Souza OCD led another young group of retreatants from Aug 13 -19. Refreshed, challenged and strengthened by the reflections and personal prayer, they moved on appreciating the time they spent in Ryshivana.

Independence Day at Ryshivana
Mangaluru, Aug 15: The Independence was celebrated in Ryshivana by the participants of long term renewal course in spirituality and the retreatants. Fr. Alfred J. Menezes, the director was the chief guest who hoisted the National flag. In his presidential address he invited every citizen to ask not what the country can do for us but what we can do for our country. Sr. Greeta UMI, in her speech, lauded the country for its political, economic, social, medical, and telecommunication development over the past seventy years. Sr. Helen, BS led the march fast and compeered the programme.

Inauguration of the Eight Months Certificate Course 2017-18
The eight months Certificate Course in Spirituality for Women Religious from 1st August 2017 to 17th March 2018, along with the short term Renewal programmes, was formally inaugurated at Ryshivana on 1st August 2017 at 6.00 p.m with the Holy Eucharist. Rev. Fr. Pius James OCD, the first Councilor and former Director of Ryshivana was the main celebrant at the Eucharist. There were a host of Carmelite friars, other religious and diocesan priests that also concelebrated at the Eucharist. In his homily, Fr. Pius James stressed that spiritual growth should be the main aim of the participants and not to be content with mere pious religious practices. Fr. Alfred J. Menezes OCD, the present Director thanked all those present and invited all for a sumptuous dinner.

Mangaluru: Karnataka Regional Conference of Religious (KRCR) holds annual assembly at Ryshivana
Mangaluru Jul 23: The 22nd Annual Assembly of Karnataka Regional Conference of Religious (KRCR) was held under the theme 'Colloboration: A Vision received, A Mission Shared', at Ranipura from July 21-23, 2017. Rt. Rev. Dr. Aloysious Paul D'Souza, Bishop of Mangaluru diocese, addressing the gathering said, "Service from the Christian community is very precious. The service of Christian people is incomplete without service in education and care centers." During his presidential address, chancellor of Yenapoya University, Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi said, "The Christian community and their bishops are always at the forefront of nourishing the deprived and wiping tears of the people who are troubled by the society."

Retreat for CLC members of Ranipura, Nithyadar, Permannur Units, Preached by Fr. Francis D'Souza

2 Days Seminar for OCDS
It was another feather on the cap of Ryshivana as the secular members of Carmelite (OCDS) chose Ryshivana as the venue for their 2 days get together for Konkani speaking members. It is held on 25-26 of March. The get together was inaugurated with the Eucharistic celebration which was presided over by Rev. Fr. Charles Serrao, Provincial Superior. Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues, Provincial Delegate for OCDS preached a meaningful homily. Then the seminar went on for two days with an input session, games, recreation, sharing by each unit etc. there were all together 120 members from Mira-road unit, Mangalore unit, Kushalnagar unit, Honnavar unit, Koteshwar unit and Raipura unit. Provincial for OCDS Mrs Jane, Fr. Sylvestre D’Souza OCD, Directors from Respective Unit were present.

Convocation Ceremony
The 10th convocation ceremony of the academic year was held on March 18. The Holy Eucharist was presided over by Rev. Fr. Joseph Martis, Rector of St. Joseph’s Seminary, Mangalore. In his homily he said; as the Lord sent his disciples to proclaim the Good news and make disciples for him, so also the Ryshivana has prepared you to be witnesses to the lord in the challenging world. Then he invited all the course participants to take up the challenge to make a better world. Then Rev Fr. Sylvestre D’Souza OCD, Councilor in-charge of spirituality addressed the gathering and distributed the certificates for the course participants. Fr. Joseph Martis released the Ryshivana annual magazine. Thus the whole programme came to an end with the sumptuous dinner.

Seminar on St. Elizabeth of the Trinity :
The Annual seminar in Ryshivana in memory of Rev. Fr. Boniface Barracho OCD was organized on 4th February 2017 in collaboration with the Chair in Christianity, Mangalore University. The theme of the seminar was: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity - A Prophet of Divine Indwelling. The inaugural ceremony was presided by Rev. Dr. Melwyn D’Souza Ofm. Cap (President of CRI, Mangaluru) and the keynote address was given by Rev. Sr. Rose Agnes AC (Vice Provincial of the Karnataka Province of the AC). The guest of honour was Sr. Jacintha OCD from the cloistered Carmel of Mangalore whose presence reminded us of the Saint of Dijon (Elizabeth of the Trinity) and it gave added flavor to the seminar. Later, the following books were released “St. Elizabeth of Trinity”, “St. Teresa of Avila” and “Mystical Wisdom”.

Trip to Goa :
It was a great relaxing moment for all the course participants and fathers of Ryshivana as we went to Goa for four days. The places that were visited was Venerable Fr. Agnelo’s tomb (Pilar fathers), Boa-vista, Old-Goa Bom Jesus Basilica and cathedral, St. Augustine’s monastery, weeping cross, Aguado Port, Campal park, St. Joseph Vaz Shrine Sancole, beaches like colva, calangutte, miramaar. It was indeed great moment where all without the age barrier became young at heart and mind by dancing, singing and swimming.

Souharda ‘Koota’ and the ‘Oota’
On the occasion of Christmas celebrations, Ryshivana organized on 23rd of December, 2016, an inter-religious meet for its neighbours, especially the representatives from the political, social and religious spheres. Among the guests present were the president and the vice-president of Munnur (local) panchayat, members of the panchayat (belonging to different religions), BDO and the office staff and all those involved in the social uplifting of the society. The guests of honour were the Parish priest- Fr. Santhosh, Yoga guru Mr. V. L. Rego and the local MLA, Mr. U.T. Khader.

Christmas Celebration
A long awaited day – a day of celebration, a day of thanksgiving, a day of joy dawned on 16th of December of going home began in the evening with a depiction of the first coming of Jesus with enactment. To enter into the celebration mood the whole house was cleansed and decorated. A cultural evening brought out by the singing of Christmas carols in various languages. The colorful evening made richer with dances and games. We had the joy of sharing Christmas sweets (kuswar) and revealing our Christmas friend which brought about hilarious laughter. To crown it all we had a sumptuous agape.

Shepherd visits us
The renewal centre, Ryshivana was renewed and put forth a new look with the painting and renovation. December 6 marked a meaningful celebration to all of us. Ryshivana which lies in the banks of river Nethravathi which in turn gives ‘nethra’ – sight and insight to the people across India and outside is dedicated under the patronage of Carmelite saint St. Mary of Jesus Crucified who is popularly known as Mariam Baouardy. The portrait of the same saint was blessed and installed by Rt. Rev. Aloysius P. D’Souza, Bishop of Mangalore. Then the house was blessed by the bishop. As the colors of the day were turning into crimson red there was Eucharistic celebration.

Youth Retreat in Ryshivana
In collaboration with Ryshivana and CLC of Nithyadarnagar Parish, 16th of October was a day of retreat for the youth of Perpetual Succour Parish, Nithyadarnagar. The retreat was guided by Rev. Fr. Anil SVD. Around 50 youth had their spiritual renewal and deepening of Christian calling. With their presence Ryshivana was bubbling with joy and youthfulness.

Fraternal Visit of Definitor General
On the 17th of October the Definitor General of Carmelites Rev.Fr. Johannes Gorantla OCD made a fraternal visit to Ryshivana.

What’s special in Ryshivana?

It’s a graceful week here in Ryshivana as the 37 retreatants doing their contemplative retreat for a month under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Alvito Fernandes OCD. We pray and wish that they may experience the mystical presence of their Lord & Master Jesus Christ.

Mangalooru Dharshana

September 24 was a relaxing day for all the course participants of Ryshivana. It was a day of Mangalooru Dharshana, a day out to see the places in Mangalore. The whole day was spent in visiting the different places in Mangalore such as Fr. Muller’s homeopathy medical college & Hospital, St. Joseph Vaz Shrine, Mudipu, Jacobite Church Cascia, Jeppu seminary, Our lady of Milagres Church, Our lady of Rosary cathedral, St. Ann’s Convent (the place where St. Mary of Jesus crucified spent her two years of Life) paintings of St. Aloysius chapel, Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte and Panamboor beach. It was indeed a relaxing day where all enjoyed the day with singing & dancing. It was a great fun day.

Ryshivana Celebrates the rich Indian Cultural Diversity

The cultural day was celebrated on 17th September with all the rich elements of Indian culture folk songs, dances, skits, religious rituals and special food delicacies were the highlights of the ‘Day’. It was indeed a meeting point and celebration of the rich cultural heritage of our country. Religious from various parts of India like Shillong, Jaipur, Orissa, Goa, Mangalore, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Kerala depicted the culture in skits, songs and dances. It was a fitting opportune to appreciate a new, esteem, revive, preserve and celebrate the differences. Indeed a clarian call to live and celebrate unity in diversity.

Retreat at Ryshivana
It was a great enriching moment at Ryshivana as the Carmelite friars gathered here from 29th of August to 2nd of September 2016, for their annual retreat. It was preached by Rev. Dr. Ivel J. Mendanha C.Ss.R, the Provincial of the Vice-Province of Majella. All the 37 participants appreciated the rich reflections offered by the preacher and the natural scenic beauty of the place. It was indeed great moment for us when so many friars spending lot of time with Lord and praying for all of us.

Inauguration of the new academic year – 2016-17
The eight month spiritual- renewal course at Ryshivana was begun with the inaugural mass at 6:30 pm on August 1, 2016 presided over by Rev. Fr. Dynasius, Rector of Aloysius Institutions. In his homily commenting on the day’s gospel (Mt 14: 1-12) he spoke of the hunger of the heart which could be satisfied only with the intimacy with Jesus. The course was formally inaugurated by V. Rev Sr. Susheela A.C., Mother General of Apostolic Carmel. She said that in order to satisfy the hunger of the world we should nourish the delicious banquet that has been set for the eight months course. Rev. Fr. Pius James D’Souza OCD, Director of the Ryshivana institute welcomed the new participants and thanked all for their whole-hearted cooperation.

Retreat at Ryshivana
It was a great enriching moment at Ryshivana as the Carmelite friars gathered here from 29th of August to 2nd of September 2016, for their annual retreat. It was preached by Rev. Dr. Ivel J. Mendanha C.Ss.R, the Provincial of the Vice-Province of Majella. All the 37 participants appreciated the rich reflections offered by the preacher and the natural scenic beauty of the place. It was indeed great moment for us when so many friars spending lot of time with Lord and praying for all of us.

Summer Special in Ryshivana (April- June 2016)
In the months of April- May June, 2016 Ryshivana conducted special programmes for various sections of people.
Jubilarians’ renewal programme
There were two Jubilarian’s renewal programme – one was from April 10-May 7 and the other was from May 1 to May 28. It was especially for the religious sisters who had completed 25 years of their profession. For the first programmes there were 28 sisters and for the second programmed there 42 sisters from over 12 congregations. The programme consisted of input material on biblical, religious, spiritual and psychological aspects. Each programme ended with one week contemplative retreat with an emphasis on inner silence.

Tertians intensive preparation:
A month long programme for the Tertians (i.e., those who are preparing for their final vows) was conducted in Ryshivana from 1-30 May. It was attended by the both men and women religious. The brothers were from the OMI and the Guanelian congregations. The sisters were from the congregations of Sisters of St. Elizabeth, Ursulines (OSU), Adoration Sisters (ASC) and the Good News Sisters. Personal attention was given to each participant particularly with the course on psycho-spiritual maturity. This course was conducted by Dr. Fr. Praveen D’Souza, who is the director of the Emmaus Counselling Centre at Mapusa, Goa. The teritans concluded their programme with one day outing (“Mangalore Darshan”) organized by the Institute.

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